Finalist - David Shepard Wildlife Artist of the Year.

Artist Whitney Kurlan, of Aiken South Carolina painting of wild dogs was selected as a Finalist in the Prestigious London Exhibit David Shepard Wildlife Artist of the Year. This year had a record number of participants from over 70 countries and over 2600 entries submitted. Only 261 were selected for the exhibit.

Usually held in April in London on the Mall, this year was on-line only. Whitney's pastel painting featuring a younger female with a small pack of pups running was inspired by Nicholas Dyer's photograph.

It was a huge honor to be selected in this event. It is like being accepted for an Oscar, so to be among such a stellar caliper of amazing artists was a win for me. As wildlife artists, we look for opportunities not only to exhibit our work but to ultimately have an outlet to support our causes. The David Shepard Foundation works tirelessly to help not only the artists that love nature and our environment, but the animals we dedicate our lives to help save.

Limited Edition prints are available from the artist and a percentage of the profits will benefit For more information please contact the artist.

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